Literal Latte “Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is lyrical and comical and entirely, aside from its “pornographic” content, magical.

Literal Latte “Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish is lyrical and comical and entirely, aside from its “pornographic” content, magical.

Make no error, this book will perhaps not charm to a lot of, could even repulse some ? it really is visual with both homosexual and heterosexual functions related to every orifice real and imagined, every physical fluid and excretion, and it is also often times sadistic (however not as so compared to the initial de Sade). But this will be probably the most solely inventive publications, the most unrestrained routes of fancy (albeit warped), that we have experienced an encounter that is close in certain time. “

Clamor Magazine

“In ETSF, Supervert ingeniously takes the UFO abduction misconception and turns it upside-down. Once I first encountered ETSF I became put off by the untraditional structure, but joined to the nature of this guide by random browsing. I happened to be quickly addicted by hilarious explanations of alien intercourse. “

Backwash Zine

” you decide to read ETSF, you will be fascinated, enlightened, disgusted, repulsed, in accordance with topless pubs featuring the greatest strippers when you look at the Crab nebula, you will undoubtedly have fun. “

One thing Black, Exploring the Final Frontier

“this is actually the to begin Supervert’s publications; their subsequent efforts show a growth of their literary capability, but ET Intercourse Fetish comes with moments of motivation. And there’s a genuine function: by examining mankind’s obsession with that which exists outside our very own little realm of flesh, bone tissue and thought, Supervert furnishes us with a literally unique, if porn redtube crazy — and yes, “perverted” — representation on our petty interior globes. “


“Sometimes it is fun to purchase self-published publications simply to seek down that genius treasure that has beenn’t posted by minimal Brown since it s so damn good because it was bad ? it wasn’t published by them. ESF is merely such a novel. Supervert is up there utilizing the most readily useful authors that are contemporary are. “ re ETSF

Supervert doesn’t have idea just exactly what this text claims, since it’s in Hungarian. Evidently “Supervert” is “Supervertovoj” in Hungarian, but besides that the writing is just a mystery. Clearly it discusses ETSF ? anyone care to translate it?

A kind of skit posted on illustrates a man operating into an alien whilst on their option to buy Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish. “‘The good reason why we state this is certainly I meet you instead because I was going to buy this book today at the WACKO store called Extraterrestrial Sex Fetish, and here. It is therefore serendipitous, never you would imagine? ‘ ‘Maybe we ought to nevertheless obtain the written guide, ‘ she claims. ‘Yeah, and I also’d want to get yourself a haircut, then the sandwich, ‘ we state. “

Science Fiction Chronicle (Printing)

“The weirdest thing that is damned’ve ever seen. “

SubTerrain (printing)

“Yes, Mercury de Sade is an area cadet by having a libido how big the room shuttle, an imagination as impulsive whilst the clouds on Uranus. In addition to Case Historian, whom compiles all this work information and narrates Mercury’s tale to us, understands that their topic is a lot like frenzied testosterone penetrating the silence of area. “

Exquisite Corpse (Printing)

“this will be a crazy cyber sex book that is paranormal. “

Headpress (Print)

“Personally, i came across it tough to get yourself a foothold in the guide’s stylized, somewhat robotic prose, though sci-fi aficionados and Stark Trek fans could find a unusual treat into the explanations of exophiliac copulation. “


On January 14th 2004 Extraterrestrial Intercourse Fetish had been showcased on a radio show called Dispenser, which will be broadcast on national radio in Italy. Even though you do not talk Italian, it is great to concentrate to ? for the sound files if for nothing else.

Danish Broadcasting Corporation (Broadcast)

(RealAudio blast of a radio broadcast about ETSF by Mads Brugger for the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, the same as the BBC in Denmark. In Danish. )

Ariadne’s Online (Printing)

“the looks in 2001 regarding the ? literally ? text that is seminal Intercourse Fetish. Heralded a ‘new’ aproach to mythology that is creating on ‘exophilosophy. ‘

Utilizing examples and arguments from various philosophical sources, in addition to full-on routes of exophiliac dream through a mode blending documentary and satire, here really isn’t any better method to spell it out this work except so it be a current effort at classic mythmaking. ” ? John Eberly, “Creation Pathology”

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