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Genre Drama.
Countries United Arab Emirates, USA.
Tate Taylor.
Release Date 2011.
Rating 390859 Vote

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The maid performances were nothing short of STELLAR. I LOVED them. Their white taskmasters gave excellent performances too as they showed well the empty meaninglessness and immorality of their lives. Those southern whites who profess Christianity so strongly should reflect on Christ’s words: What profit a man if he gain the whole world but lose his soul? I felt both sorry for these shallow white women and hated them at the same time.

I disagree with Ms. Perry which surprised me as most often I agree with her well thought out expert analysis. The story was NOT, in my opinion, centrifugally about the white writer but the writer was used as a vehicle to tell the story of the black experience in the south through the black maids among them Viola Davis as Abiline, her friend Minnie and others who made up, I thought, the preponderance of the film. It was about the black/white cultural ethos in the south.

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I very much enjoyed this film. Was it absolutely perfect? Probably not BUT I must disagree with Melissa Harris Perry Professor of political science at Tulane University who, on Rachel Maddow, said how much she loathed it. She gave as her rationale that it was not about the dreary drudged-filled life of a black maid exposing the essence of the black experience in the south. She thought it was all about white women and the aspiring white writer who comes from the white background of privilege but decides she wants to write and publish a story from the perspective of the black maid. The Help.

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In my opinion, Viola Davis should get best performance of an actress NOT in a supporting role but in a MAIN role. Her role, as I see it, was the central character. I thought the white writer Skeeter (Bryce Dallas Howard) was simply the narrator through which the story could be told and the expositor of the cultural reality of black people and their white supremacist masters in the south during the early 1960’s. Their experience with each other was, I believe, one step above slavery since the cultural mandates. violence and death. at the hands of the white power brokers enforcing this vile system still survived.

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